Following advice from the Government and The Arts Society HQ, we have cancelled our remaining programme. The next season begins in October 2020.

Date: Thursday 2 April 2020, 8.00pm
Lecturer: Val Woodgate

Responses to life in the strange new continent were initially seen through European, and especially British, artistic traditions. 19th century Australian Impressionism and the Heidelberg School challenged the dominance of the Victorian style, with Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton and others producing works which became Australian icons. The First World War was a watershed in Australian and New Zealand history; no longer subservient to Europe, artists now found their own language to depict their unique landscape and culture. At the same time indigenous artists began to respond to contemporary life, while retaining the traditions of their ancestors.

PLEASE NOTE: This lecture is taking place on the FIRST Thursday of April 2020, whereas our lectures are normally on the second Thursday of the month.