Statue by Louise Simson showing Edward Alleyn directing a child actor. Alleyn, an actor and entrepreneur, founded Dulwich College in 1619.


We are the Dulwich branch of The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS), a leading arts education charity that brings together people with a shared curiosity for the arts, providing access to world-class lecturers sharing their specialist knowledge. The belief that the arts have the potential to enrich peoples' lives is at the heart of everything we do.

We encourage the pleasure of learning through our programme of evening lectures, as well as visits to places of artistic merit in and around London. The Arts Society's Greater London Area offers a comprehensive programme of study days providing opportunities for deeper examination of arts-related subjects.

Our lectures are held in a comfortable purpose-built lecture theatre with its own parking. There is no waiting list and membership is open to everyone.

Date: Thursday 12 March 2020, 8.00pm
Lecturer: Neil Faulkner

In the Olympic Stadium, there were neither stands nor shade; you sat on a grassy bank in the searing heat. Naked athletes participated in foot-races, the pentathlon, horse and chariot races and three combat sports – boxing, wrestling and the no-holds-barred pankration. The Olympic Village was a vast tented encampment with inadequate water supplies, heaps of stinking refuse and huge open latrines. The air was buzzing with mosquitoes, flies and wasps. By the end, no-one had washed for a week and you could smell the Games a mile away. This lecture will transport you to the Ancient Greek Olympics 2,400 years ago.

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Our lectures take place in the Sixth Form Lecture Theatre, James Allen's Girls' School.

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